LUX Rewards

About Us

From humble beginnings

LUX was founded at the age of 21 by local entrepreneur, James Courtney, whilst studying Business Administration at the University of Bath. The inspiration for LUX came from James’ time working as a management consultant, where he was regularly dining out at high-quality restaurants on expenses but wasn’t being rewarded for this spend. James, who is originally from Saltford, on the outskirts of Bath, is the only student ever to win the Bath Business competition two years in succession. The first place prize for James as competition winner was an all expensed trip to New York and San Francisco, where James was able to gain advice from the likes of Google and Facebook. This gave James the confidence to make LUX a reality on his return.

Crowdcube, investment and overfunding

LUX found its investment through the award winning online investment platform, Crowdcube, that brings together promising start ups with potential investors. James sought £80,000 to enable him to bring his business model to life, however he surpassed this and become successfully overfunded. Overcome with joy, James stated that the Crowdfunding process had been an “absolute whirlwind” but he just “couldn’t be any happier” with the result. LUX left Crowdcube by surpassing its original target through the support of over 130 investors and began to build itself from the ground up in the city of Bath.

From idea to reality

LUX launched in Bath in February 2017 at an exclusive launch event at the Clifton Sausage. Over 100 attendees came together to mark this milestone including restaurateurs, press, bloggers, investors, local business owners, foodies and LUX supporters.

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LUX, an explanation

If you look at the restaurant promotion market at the moment, you see it being highly saturated with discount-focused cards, apps and websites that primarily feature informal chain restaurants. But we have seen a resistance to this. Local independent restaurants are looking for other ways to attract and retain high-spending loyal customers. Whilst simultaneously, there is a large segment of business and affluent customers who want to be able to locate high-quality restaurant nearby and be rewarded for these purchases, just as they already are by hotels, airlines and credit cards.

Local, local, local

Everything LUX does is underpinned by supporting the local community. LUX supports the local independent restaurant trade by helping them to attract and retain high spending customers. LUX also has a charity donation function on the app, which allows users to support a growing number of local charities. Finally, LUX is engaging with local businesses and will donate an additional 10% of points to their chosen charities.

The team behind the brand

Founder James is joined by Head of Restaurant Relations, Chloe O’Connell. Chloe has been a fantastic addition to the team and is the friendly face of the brand. LUX wouldn’t be where it is now without Richard Godfrey and the Rocketmakers team, who developed the LUX mobile app. The team has received fantastic support from a range of advisors including John Courtney, Kathryn Dawson, Matthew Parfitt, Ben Cook, Rosie Bennett, Siobain Hone, Justin Ablett and many more. LUX is also extremely lucky to have the backing of two world-leading accelerator programs, SETsquared and Entrepreneurial-Spark We look forward to growing the team as we expand across the South West and beyond!