If you thought that sorbets and ice-creams couldn’t get any better, then try adding alcohol into the equation! 


A year from opening shop in the famous St Nicks market, the twin brothers have opened Bristol’s first ice-cream and sorbet cocktail bar. 


Using Liquid Nitrogen, watch as your cocktail is prepared and frozen in front of your eyes in a cloud of smoke. A favourite of ours is the “Passion on Ice”: Tequila blended into a smooth sorbet with a passion fruit twist. 


The setting is relaxed and cheerful on St Nicholas Street, inviting passers by to come and try these exciting drinks on offer. 


The experience is made even better by the energy of the staff: They show the amazement and passion for ice-cream making and this filters through to their customers. Check their website for additional cocktails that are coming onto the menu!


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CALL NOW: 07772 611021