Koh Thai Tapas in Bath provides a unique twist on the Thai dining experience. Small Thai plates are served in a modern, candlelit space with Buddha motifs & lattice screens. Koh blends the authentic flavours of the rich Thai cuisine with the informal flexibility of a tapas-style structure. Customers are freed from the hierarchy of the 3-course meal; encouraged to order what they want, when they want it.

We love the Thai Tasting Experience. Simply tell the waiter your likes and dislikes and they will bring you a tailor-made banquet of delightful dishes. Our favourites were the king prawn pad Thai and the crispy sea bass fillets. Top tip – don’t skip on the side dishes.


Possibly the best part about Koh is the people behind the brand. Front of house are full of energy and the chefs are experts in authentic cuisine. Expect a warm welcome and food packed full of love.

Koh Thai Tapas is defying conventions. They are revolutionising Thai dining with their infectious blend of European indulgence and authentic Thai tastes. Why not spice up your evening and try out this lovely restaurant.



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Two glasses of Prosecco

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