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With over 100 rewards to choose from, there is something for everyone to spend their points on. Browse below just some of the fantastic rewards we have to offer - download the LUX Rewards app for the full list!

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Day trips, wine tasting, spa packages, racetrack days, hotel nights and theatre packages... 

Treat yourself, your loved ones or others and spend your points on an experience today.


Forget needing an excuse to buy yourself or others a gift. With LUX Rewards, purchase a gift with your points because, well, you deserve it! 

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There is a wide arrange of rewards available in our partnered venues. Glasses of wine, desserts, starters... spend your points in the very place you can collect them!


Imagine that, supporting a great cause simply by enjoying delicious food. At LUX Rewards we do all we can to support the local community, through supporting independent restaurants and also featuring local charities. Help us to make a difference.

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