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Treat your friends with LUX: Abi's story

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

So, it’s the New Year: you are stuck between wanting to be that sociable person with your friends, there are birthdays, and catch ups you didn’t quite make over the festive period- but you spent all your money living it up over Christmas. You don’t want to turn people down at the risk of seeming unsociable, but you bank balance says no. That’s where you LUX bank balance comes in- all those pennies you spent over Christmas in your favourite bars and restaurants can now be turned into money off your dinner and drinks with your friends, or, even better, could be spent doing something even more exciting- a chocolate tasting day; a spa day; a free glass of champagne for that friend you didn’t grab a coffee with over Christmas. What’s not to love?

Basically, the LUX app (free to download- always a bonus) allows you to get up to 10% back on your purchases in your favourite restaurants and bars, all helping towards you claiming your rewards back at a later date. The app is super easy to use, and helps you to easily keep track of your rewards. LUX works with the best restaurants in Bath and Bristol, meaning you can pop along to that gorgeous restaurant you love and pick up two glasses of champagne for free (and who turns down free champagne or pudding?).

Why don’t you download it now, and start saving?


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