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Our top Bath pick this week: Vino Vino


Introducing Vino-Vino Wine and Cocktail Bar


Vino Vino opened in Bath in 2014 and is a proud finalist of the Bath Life Awards 2017.

This venue boasts an informal atmosphere with a tremendous choice of wines and Champagnes by the glass which have been carefully selected by the staff. Vino Vino uses the award-winning Le Verre de Vin preservation system to offer these drinks without compromising on the quality.

The showstoppers are the cocktails on offer at this bar. These creative cocktails balance signature and and classic making sure there is something for every taste. An example includes the fresh and spicy "ginger snap" cocktail composed of Cointreau, lime juice, cinnamon syrup, fresh ginger and Angostura bitters.

Vino Vino also offers an array of tapas style plates, Artisan cheese and charcuterie along with sharing boards. Choose from delicious selections such as arancini, salt and pepper crispy squid with truffle aioli and baked camembert.

Find out more about Vino Vino here and book today to collect your LUX points!

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