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Introducing LUX Bookers Accounts

Do you regularly book venues for other people? Do you want to be able to get something back for booking at that venue for no extra cost to the meal or yourself?

LUX has now introduced LUX For Bookers: An exclusive platform for bookers in Bristol and Bath. Our bookers accounts come with a range of benefits for the booker:


1) Earn points from your booking and claim through the platform

It's time that bookers were rewarded - who best to do this than LUX Rewards? For no extra cost to yourself or the diner, you can earn 5% of the total bill back from your booking. These points can be saved and put towards the reward of your choice: From spa days, meals, bottles of gin, cooking courses and more! Discover our rewards here.

2) Discover high quality restaurants and bars

As a booker, it is important that you find the ideal venue for your client or manager. At LUX we hand-select all of our venues so you can now book with confidence knowing that you are booking at a venue of high quality. We have compiled a downloadable brochure for bookers which gives you more details on our venues such as capacity, features, deposits and images.

3) Get help with your booking

Need more help finding the perfect venue for your booking? For no extra charge, contact a member of the LUX team with your specifications and we will help you find the perfect venue and help you book.

4) Chat with other bookers in your area

LUX for Bookers is an exclusive platform and can be accessed only once you have been verified as a member. This has created a private and safe platform where bookers in Bristol and Bath can discuss about venues in the local area: where is the best venue for private spaces? Where is a good vegetarian menu? Where can you find cocktail masterclasses?

Apply to become a certified LUX Booker here and start earning!

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