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3 Things to remember when organising the office Christmas party

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Quick, panic, we only have a mere 6 months until the Christmas party season is upon us!

In other words, if you haven't booked the venue, sent your teams a spreadsheet with menu choices and organised the theme of this years party (will it be a Secret Santa where everyone gifts inoffensive scented candles for colleagues they've never met, or an original Christmas Jumper competition where the whole office flocks to Primark?) then frankly, this years party will be a disaster. Be it on your head.

Of course, this isn't the case. However, we are already being bombarded with emails about Christmas party planning and bookings.

So here we are. If you are about to start planning your office Christmas party, here are a few things to remember:

1. Do something different

A sit down meal and a dance is great fun, but why not this year do something different that really makes your office go wow? A few ideas could be:

- Take the office ice-skating before heading to the venue

- Bringing in a real-life Father Christmas to have photos with

- A pass the parcel amongst the tables

- Organising a Christmas murder mystery

2. Get your office excited

To boost attendance and get everyone excited, make a plan to get the office talking. It would be a shame to put all the effort in and hardly anyone turns up! A few ideas:

- Keep the event location secret

- Hand out invites in envelopes

- Create a poster where employees need to figure out the message (for example a riddle)

3) Book the right venue that will help you with your event

All of our venues at LUX Rewards are not only beautiful, delicious and professional: They also believe in giving customers the very best experience!

When you book your Christmas party at a LUX venue, not only will you have our team to help you and receive points (because after the year is over you will deserve that free spa day!), you will also benefit from a venue that will bend over backwards to cater for your needs!


Want to find the right Christmas venue? Drop us a line here and let our team do the work for you!

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