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Cabotte: Our London pick of the week!

Cabotte restaurant in London looks to transport you out of the country with their exquisite French cuisine and the finest wine list from the heart of Burgundy, a historical region of France.

Founded by two Master Sommeliers who have worked within some of the most prestigious restaurants within the UK, you can expect your classic dishes to showcase the very best of seasonal British produce and present a unique, modern twist.

I suggest their ‘Grilled Suffolk pork cutlet, roast apricots, summer greens and shiitake’ - a masterpiece of beautiful flavours!

If you’re in London, an experience at Cabotte is a must.

What we love about Cabotte

At LUX, we love their extensive wine list which includes over 650 wines from Burgundy.

Whether you know what you’re looking for or are seeking recommendations, their wine bar always has a Sommelier on hand to share expertise, guaranteeing that you will make the right choice and have a great experience.

Cabotte restaurant


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