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Christmas must go on!: Webinar summary

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Our fourth webinar co-hosted with TRADE and Home Grown Club focused on the hospitality industry over Christmas 2020 - discussing the latest research to help us prepare and know what to expect.

If you don't have time to watch the recording below, check out the key takeaways underneath!

The key takeaways:

Insights from our panel of hospitality business owners:

Consider off-peak and dynamic pricing

Amber from Bums On Seats suggests venues should drive the early week with value-added options for Monday through to Wednesday. Customers will look to avoid peak times to be safer, this means there is an opportunity to help bridge the gap of reduced capacity. (To view Amber's slides, click here).

Top tips from KAM Media

  1. Start talking about Christmas and re-opening NOW.

  2. Find ways to support your local community as you're not in this alone.

  3. Get customers pumped about 2021 - can you offer gift cards that act as subscriptions? i.e. a pint a month for 2021?

  4. Most importantly - think differently! The world has changed, consumer behaviour is no longer the same!

Please email Katy for her slides at

2021 planning

Paul Pavli puts forth that whilst we should be focusing on Christmas, we shouldn't lose sight of 2021 (for his slides - please click here). Whilst you have some more time, create a comms plan to launch in early Jan before the Christmas and New Years buzz wears off the customers - we want to keep spending and visits up!

How things will be early next year is unpredictable, to best prepare, create a December to March financial budgets & cashflow forecast.

Adapt and make noise

Victor Houghton highlighted many ways in which venues have adapted to cope with the changing reality (for his slides - please click here). Restaurants have let their creativity run to keep their revenue high; some have been seen serving customers outside in individual greenhouses, offering a 10-course meal to enjoy in your car and creating specific menus for outside dining.

Neil from Delegate Wranglers stressed that now is the time to make noise and keep shouting, don't be quiet about what you're up to - connect with your customer base and keep them in the loop!

There is no exact guide for how we should adapt with the ever-changing reality, now is the time to brainstorm and tap into what your customer wants.


We were given a live show of the new TRADE app by Natalaigh which is an ecosystem of industry news, event listings, podcasts & webinars, job posts, wellbeing advice, perks & discounts throughout the industry. As Katy says in her list of top tips - now is the time to support your community. What better way to come together than through a hub made for likeminded people?


If you found this helpful and would like to know more about the measures you could be taking, please contact me at

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