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Hoppers London: our London pick of the week!

Hoppers London has three amazing locations: Soho, Marylebone, and King's Cross, all serving the very best menu inspired by Sri Lankan cuisine.

Each venue pulls from a different aspect of Sri Lanka for inspiration. Marylebone turns to the Tropical Modernist movement associated with the late Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, Soho is inspired by Sri Lanka's village toddy shops, and King's Cross follows the much-travelled coastal journey from Colombo, the island’s capital, to the historical Dutch town of Galle.

At these venues, you can expect hearty meals catered to family-style feasting. From fresh Dosa's to BBQ Jaffna lamb chops, you won't be disappointed - especially if you pair your dish with one of their chutney's!

Why we love Hoppers

At LUX, we love that even down to their drinks menu, you can see the Sri Lankan inspiration. Every dish and pairing has been thought through to create a memorable experience that immerses you in traditional flavours - you must try one of their tropical drinks which have Genever and Arrack at its heart!


Remember to pay with your linked card to earn up to 10% back of your restaurant spend in points to use on luxury rewards!

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