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Hospitality Post-Lockdown

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Our third webinar co-hosted with TRADE focused on the hospitality industry post-lockdown, gaining insights from other countries and discussing the latest research to help us prepare for a successful reopening.

If you don't have time to watch the recording, here are the key takeaways!

Insights from our panel of hospitality business owners:

Act as if it’s a soft launch with a new venue

Anthony Pender plans to approach reopening like a new venue opening and will be following those same processes. The Yummy Pub Co. will be opening for two days and closing for three in order to carry out a re-evaluation process, look at risk assessments, and have a staff training day.

Ensure you can manage with a smaller team

Andrew Stones has been putting in place innovative measures to reduce contact (wait until you see their automated prosecco machine!). Vagabond will be closing their kitchens for the first couple of weeks and focusing on wine experiences to increase the efficiency of their smaller teams allowing them to focus on safety measures.

Adapt your offers to suit your customer base

James Grundy from Small Beer Brew Co. is rethinking the targeting strategy for their consumers and suggests adapting your offers to suit consumer behaviour. For instance, many more are looking to drive between destinations, therefore having an offer on low or no alcohol could be enticing.

Don’t rely on one revenue stream

Joe Edgerley discussed how COVID had driven Brozen Bar to pivot digitally and diversify their revenue. They turned to a collection service, and are now offering subscription boxes to keep customers engaged from home and to support their reopening. Being flexible with adapting throughout reopening is key to generating a successful outcome.


If you found this helpful and would like to know more about the measures you should be taking, I’m sure you will find value in our guide on how to successfully and safely reopen after COVID!

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