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How to use card-linking to reward your high-spenders and loyal customers

Card-linking helps to create loyalty as it not only improves the customer checkout journey, but it strengthens the bond a customer has with their payment card.

The beauty of having card-linked loyalty schemes and rewards is that it removes the need for customers to remember to have their loyalty card on them, to scan a QR code or keep hold of a receipt to input a code online. Customers can simply pay with their linked card whether it be online or at a till to claim their reward points, making it a quick and hassle-free process.

And as they have to rely on paying with their linked card to be able to gain their reward points, their card becomes increasingly important to them.

This stronger bond increases spend as customers will solely turn to their linked card to make these purchases. This then further drives card-linking benefits, which helps to create loyalty.

What do we really mean by customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is when a customer is willing to repeatedly return to a company to conduct some type of business due to the positive experiences they have had with that brand.

In this sense, it's when a customer repeatedly uses your bank card to make their transactions.

These days, however, it has become increasingly challenging to stand out as a bank and gain loyal customers. It's no longer simply about being a payment card, it's about what else you can do - the other ways in which you can positively impact the customers' life.

This is why many banks are offering card-linked rewards revolving around the daily activities of their customers. Think Uber, grocery cashback, Netflix subscriptions etc. - these are only a few of the ways banks are trying to gain loyal customers.

Why should you reward your loyal customers?

With all the tempting card-linked offers challenging banks have, it can be hard to keep customers around. If you don't give your customers a reason to stay, they'll happily jump to a competitors' offer that suits them better.

So when a customer shows signs of loyalty, you should show appreciation.

As a loyal customer spends 300% more than the bottom 90% and costs 5 times less to keep than winning new customers, it's definitely worthwhile focusing your efforts on rewarding loyal customers so that they stick around.

Not to mention, loyal customers are already lovers of your bank, therefore by offering rewards, you could be providing them with everything they need to become brand evangelists who refer their friends and family. By this point, you've struck gold as you could be gaining 2 or 3 new customers for the price of one.

What rewards should you consider offering?

After analysing data and understanding the daily activities and behaviours of your customers, you should have an idea of what rewards may be best suited to them.

If you follow in the footsteps of your competitors with rewards such as Amazon, food discounts etc., then you may still struggle to stand out.

This is why you have to reward your customers with premium alternatives like Lux Rewards.

By offering LUX as a reward, your customers will gain free access to our membership app (RRP £200) and will be able to earn up to 10% of their restaurant spend back in reward points to be used on over 100 luxury rewards.

And with over 300 hand-picked, high-quality restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs across the UK, only the finest experience is promised.

Customers simply link their payment card in the LUX app and then dine at a partnered venue to gain points.

And as we use card-linking technology, we will help strengthen the relationship between your customers and their payment card as they must continue dining at LUX venues with their card to be able to earn our rewards.

This means that by offering LUX to your loyal customers, you're not only rewarding your customers but incentivising further spend. It's a win-win.


If you're interested in knowing more about LUX or card-linking, please email

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