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Membership Organisations, Clubs & Societies: is LUX the perfect perk for these times?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Let's face it, things have been a little fraught recently. And that's to say the least. Rules of six, 10 pm closures and localised lockdowns mean that organising anything amongst peers has become somewhat of a futile exercise in trust, patience, and luck. Next week's plans are now so easily able to become tomorrow's cancellations. For Membership Organisations, Clubs & Societies, this is all too apparent. Any gathering is now subject to strict social distancing protocols, reducing their headcounts, and isolating members who may be shielding or simply hesitant about emerging back into their usual routines. This is understandable in times as exceptional as these.

Here at LUX, we understand that it may be difficult for many clubs & societies to show value to their members under such conditions. Only so many zoom-based gatherings, events, quizzes, etc., etc. can replace the real thing - believe us! This is why we believe that LUX offers a service that will convince those who may be looking to their membership cards with a reluctance to renew to stick around for another year.

Why LUX?

Through partnering with LUX, Membership Organisations, Clubs & Societies are able to demonstrate to their members that they're thankful for their loyalty over the past year. Let's not forget that they have remained members despite being unable to receive the full-degree of benefits they initially may have signed-up for. In respect of this, we would allow free exclusive access to the platform for all the members of our newly-onboarded partner-organisations. For regular LUX customers, this access would cost £200 to activate. LUX will allow your members to earn up to 10% of their spend back in restaurants and bars, in the form of luxury rewards. Your club members can put their points toward a relaxing day spent at the spa, racing a supercar around a racetrack, or simply kicking back and enjoying the view from the top of the Shard with an ice-cold glass of champagne in hand. We'll even throw in £5 worth of starter points to get the ball rolling. The app will automatically sense when money is spent in a LUX establishment and dispense up to 10% of the transaction's value back to the customer in the form of points. No need to scan a code, no need to scan a receipt, all your members need is the app installed on their phone. Over 40% of UK consumers finding carrying loyalty cards to be an inconvenience - LUX does away with these and halts their bloating of our wallets and purses that consumers loathe. This allows for a simple, intuitive experience. For affluent customers, this is completely discreet.

What's in it for you?

To put it simply, by offering members free enrolment into LUX, Membership Organisations are providing increased value for their existing members, as well as prospective ones. This is a service is worth £200 per head, and any prospective organisation would be able to offer it completely free of charge. It could well be the tipping point that convinces that reluctant member, umm-ing and ahh-ing when they're confronted with the decision to renew post-COVID, and can also lead in future to an uptick in new members as a dealmaker when considering their options against competitor clubs & societies. LUX Rewards is a perk like no other: it's exclusive, it's innovative, it's seamless and who doesn't love being rewarded for eating out at the finest restaurants and bars the UK has to offer?


If you're interested in knowing more about LUX or looking to discuss a potential partnership, please email

Download the LUX Rewards app here

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