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Spaghetti House: our London pick of the week!

The first Spaghetti House opened in 1955 with the goal to introduce people to the fresh, simple Italian food they loved back home.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a quick meal or dine leisurely, their welcoming atmosphere and refreshing menu will not disappoint. With 10 London restaurants, everyone can enjoy the ambience of traditional Italian cuisine whilst appreciating the bustle of the London City streets.

Gain LUX points at their Goodge Street, Duke Street, Sicilian Avenue and Bryanston (yet to be reopened) locations.

Spaghetti House Restaurant

What we love about Spaghetti House:

Ever had a meal so good you wished you had the recipe? Well, at Spaghetti house your wish can come true!

They’re currently running a ‘recipe of the week’ chronicle where you can find everything your heart desires and create the magic at home.

At LUX, we love this as it's clear the efforts they go to to create a community of Italian food lovers!


Download the LUX App, treat yourself to an experience at the London Steakhouse Company and gain up to 10% of your spending back!

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