LUX Partners With Carbon Free Dining: Counterbalancing the Environmental Impact of LUX Meals

March 9, 2018


The Green Earth Appeal 


Partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme's Billion Tree Campaign, The Green Earth Appeal was formed to provide communities in the developing world with an opportunity to remove their dependence on unsustainable aid and create fully sustainable lives, through education, infrastructure and practical resources, leading to the provision of high volume, high yielding fruit trees. 


Through planting a high volume of fruit trees, large amounts of CO2 are removed from the environment.



Carbon Free Dining 


By partnering with chefs such as Marco Pierre White and their restaurants, the Carbon Free Dining initiative allows diners to completely counterbalance the environmental impact of their meal.


We will now be allowing our LUX users to donate 990 points (£0.99) after their meal to plant a single tree to counterbalance the impact of their whole meal. LUX aims in 2018 to have completely counterbalanced all LUX meals.


Donate 990 points, and you will be sent a certificate by the Green Earth Appeal confirming the planting of your tree and giving you more information.




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