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Luxury rewards at your fingertips

 Link card, Spend, Earn rewards.

Link card

Download the LUX app for free, and register your debit or credit cards.

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Choose from a hand-picked list of the very best restaurants, bars, and retailers  across the UK.

Earn up to 10% of your spend back in reward points in these venues.

Reward yourself

Receive reward points when you pay with a registered card in a LUX venue.

Choose from over 100 luxury rewards, experiences, gifts and more.

With over 300 hand-picked restaurant, bars, and retailers across the UK, you will have plenty to choose from!


Choose from over 100 luxury rewards, experiences, gifts and charity donations. 


Dine with LUX and you could be relaxing at a spa day, enjoying a wine tasting or racing around a track in a Ferrari.

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Explore more

Take a look at our latest reviews & news. Find your next luxury experience.

Lightbulb moment- awesome!

Why wouldn’t you? You’re spending money there anyway, why not get points (generous value) that you can use in the same types of location! Easy app to use and useful for foodies. Love it.

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