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Access millions of high-spending customers. Instantly.

Use premium reward schemes to reach and engage valuable bank and airline customers

No signup fees

No set ongoing fees

Easy setup

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30+ Million 
High Spending Customers

Access millions of

valuable customers through our high-profile partners

Why Partner With LUX?

Protect Your Brand Image

Choose a premium rewards scheme that doesn't damage or devalue your brand through cheap discount schemes

Boost New Customer Traffic

Access thousands of high value potential customers already engaged in our premium rewards scheme

Incentivse Loyalty

We tailor our rewards schemes to encourage frequent, high-spending customer interactions

Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Our cutting-edge card linking technology requires no additional steps from customers, creating a seamless experience

Quick and Simple Setup In a Matter of Weeks

Onboarding is quick, easy, and requires no technical integration or employee training

Access Data and


Receive a tailored reports dashboard to monitor the results of your rewards scheme

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For Hospitality

Incentivise & reward premium customers for dining, drinking, or spending at your business

Our Services

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For B2C Retail

Incentivise high-value, high-frequency engagement amongst high spenders

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For B2B Businesses

Easily access premium business customers, and turn them into your loyal spenders

Joining LUX Rewards Is As Easy As

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