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Restaurant rewards for your cardholders

 Link Card, Dine Out, Earn Rewards. 

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Add LUX to your cards

A simple integration with Fidel’s secure API.

Gain customer consent during registration.

List the restaurants and rewards on your platform.

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Share the good news

Cardholders earn up to 10% of their restaurant in rewards.

300+ high-quality restaurants and bars,100+ luxury rewards. 

Seamless and discreet: they simply pay with your card.

Realise the benefits

Completely free for you and your cardholders (RRP £200).

New and existing customers gain significant value.

Incentivises your customers to upgrade to paid tiers.

Increases retention by giving your customers more value.

See how LUX works in action

The benefits of adding LUX to your payment card offering

Increased Revenue

If you have tiers, LUX is an incentive to get them to upgrade to a paid card.

A Stronger Proposition

 A feature your customers will love and a competitive advantage over other cards.

Higher Retention

Keep your customers for longer.

Increase retention by giving more value.

Check out our articles for Card issuers!


Your cardholders can choose from over 100 luxury rewards, experiences and gifts.


With LUX, they could be relaxing at a spa day, enjoying a wine tasting or racing around a track in a Ferrari.

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Lightbulb moment- awesome!

Why wouldn’t you? You’re spending money there anyway, why not get points (generous value) that you can use in the same types of location! Easy app to use and useful for foodies. Love it.

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