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We have launched this fantastic new feature to make collecting points completely automated - making it super simple for you, our valued users.

All you have to do is register you debit and credit cards onto the LUX app. Then when you pay normally by card, you will automatically receive your LUX points.

This card-linking technology means that we instantly receive information on your spend in LUX venues and therefore can give you the correct number of points.

You only have to register your cards once, so you can leave LUX to earn you points seamlessly, without having to remember to open the app each time you dine.

Your card will never be charged.


What about data?


Data privacy and security is a very valid concern. We take your data this very seriously and have chosen a trusted partner who has obtained the required security credentials.

To reassure you, LUX will never view or store your full card details. This information will be handled by Fidel who are PCI compliant to ensure that data is stored and transmitted in a secure way.


PCI compliance:

What happened to receipt scanning?

We believe card-linking is even better. Previously, our users had to manually upload photos, which was inconvenient and easy to forget. Now with card-linking you will receive points for every single transaction automatically!

Who are Fidel?

Fidel’s mission is to democratise access to consumer financial data, globally. They’re working to build a world where power and control of data shifts back to its creator — the consumer. Fidel makes transactional data accessible through a single access point so businesses can create web and mobile applications using real-time payment data. By linking customer payment cards to reward programmes, businesses like British Airways, Perkbox and Royal Bank of Canada are turning payments into loyalty. Fidel is backed by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (Innovate UK) and Horizons Ventures. You can see more at:



Do I have to pay through the app?

No, you pay as normal with your debit or credit card. We don't take payment, we just see what has been spent on your registered cards and give you points accordingly. It's super simple and will save you time.


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