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5 must-have technologies for a friction-free and safe restaurant environment

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, creating the safest environment possible has become a priority for every business, especially within the hospitality industry.

For the past few months, we’ve been challenged in unprecedented ways to adapt the routines and procedures that we’ve comfortably known for a long time.

Below we'll be covering 5 of the latest technologies to help with this transition and ensure a friction-free and safe environment.

Rensair Air Purifier - Hospital Grade Air Purification System


What would it mean to you to have hospital-grade portable air purification in all of your restaurants? There are a variety of safety measures you could carry out to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but your restaurant can stand out by addressing the airborne transmission risk. The Rensair air purifier will help reassure even the most cautious consumers.

Scientifically-proven to remove 99.97% of air pollutants and viruses, employees and customers can feel rest-assured the air in your restaurant is clean, sterile, and purified.

With medical-grade components and a built-in particle counter, the machine automatically adjusts airflow based on impurities in the air - this means that regardless of how busy your restaurant gets, you can sit back and relax knowing the air is a lot safer (it can run for over 9,000 hours before servicing, so you genuinely can relax and let it do its thing!)

Contact for the best deal and to be put directly in touch with Rensair's team.

Graphite Partners - Workflow Solutions

Graphite Partners - Workflow Solutions

Scheduling tasks, monitoring activity and communicating with all of your staff definitely has its challenges and is often very time-consuming.

However, Graphite Partners have created a program to make this process quicker and friction-free.

Their workflow solution enables restaurants to focus on the growth of their business - rather than losing time on the activities that do not lead to improved customer experience and revenue.

Utilising the best cutting-edge technology and their industry-leading insight, you’ll discover a workflow which will grow alongside your business.

As it's designed to simplify your current processes and free up the time of your staff, you'll find yourself able to focus on the core of the business and saying goodbye to those mundane, repetitive tasks which ruin productivity.

How can it be used?

Types of workflow activities that could be scheduled and monitored on the app include:

  • Opening/closing procedures

  • Scheduled regular cleaning

  • Reactive cleaning (ie. Spillages, etc)

  • Scheduled regular maintenance

  • Reactive maintenance ( ie. calling out an engineer to fix urgent issues that crop up during operational hours)

From a tap on your phone, you can communicate with your staff and run your business. All the data is also analysed to help you improve processes and increase efficiency.

Contact for the best deal and to be put directly in touch with Graphite Partners.

Umi Digital - Secure Data Capture For NHS Test And Trace Program

Umi Digital

The NHS Test and Trace program helps to control and reduce the spread of COVID-19 as it enables the government to identify people who may have been exposed to the virus.

As there is a higher risk of transmitting the virus within restaurants, it’s important to keep records of staff, customers and visitors.

This will help catch early outbreaks, keep the hospitality industry afloat, and prevent another lockdown from occurring.

Keeping track of that many people is definitely tricky and time-consuming - especially during the Eat Out to Help Out scheme where restaurants are getting a surge of new customers!

To help with this, Umi Digital have created a useful web application.

Their web application implements the government's NHS track and trace program in a quick and hassle-free way.

It simply collects and securely stores the data of your restaurants' customers and visitors for you.

How it works:

  1. Customers simply scan a QR code which can be presented across the venue, on doors and walls.

  2. They then complete a quick and simple form providing you with the information necessary for the Test and Trace Program.

  3. Their data is then safely stored and can be exported into multiple formats.

Contact for the best deal and to be put directly in touch with Umi Digital.

Fire - Open Payments

Fire Open Payments

Fire's Open Payments offers a seamless, contact-free payment method that can work alongside your current payment processes.

Their software offers a safe and secure way to distribute payment requests to your customers, who can then pay through an easy, hassle-free method, placing funds straight into your Fire business account.

From within your account, Open Payments will accept account-based payments in GBP and Euro, and because they’re made via a secure web-link, you can request payment in many formats such as SMS, website buttons or QR codes.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up or use Fire’s Open Banking as integrating account-based payment flows is quicker and easier than you may have initially thought.

Simply create requests in your account and within seconds, customers can scan a QR code (or any other method you've chosen), placing the payment straight into your account.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend Fire's Open Banking:

  • Offers customers more contactless payment options – reducing contact between customers and servers.

  • A safer way to collect payments – no personal credentials are shared.

  • A faster way to collect payments – funds settle the same day.

  • A more cost-effective way to collect payments - there are fewer parties involved in Open Payments compared to card payments.

  • Reconciliation is fully automated – saving time and resources.

Contact for the best deal and to be put directly in touch with Fire.

LUX Rewards - Premium Points Rewards Scheme

LUX Rewards App

Lastly, whilst LUX rewards isn't designed to keep your customers safe, it is designed to bring customers through the door, repeatedly.

LUX are a premium points-based rewards scheme for high-quality restaurants and bars, powered by card-linking technology.

Users register their debit/credit cards on the app and then receive up to 10% of their spend back in LUX points. These points can then be redeemed on a wide range of luxury experiences, gifts, and charity donations.

LUX help high-quality restaurants to attract affluent and corporate customers, maintain their premium branding, incentivise repeat visits and flex demand during quieter periods.

How do LUX do this?

LUX changes consumer behaviour in 3 ways:

  • Repeat custom: by recognising and rewarding customers for their repeat spend, they will exhibit “behavioural loyalty” to earn these rewards.

  • Analysing and utilising data: using a loyalty programme allows you to harness more information about your customers that you can analyse and use to market more effectively to them.

  • Create a point of difference: as diners are incentivised to choose from a smaller pool of restaurants, our loyalty scheme provides your business with a unique way to stand out from your competitors.

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