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Goodbye receipt scanning, hello card-linking!

At LUX Rewards, we've been making some major changes behind the scenes and we're happy to say that we have removed receipt scanning and made card-linking mandatory!

Why are we so happy about this?

Well, it means gaining LUX points couldn't be easier.

Beforehand, you would have to keep hold of your receipt and remember to scan it on the app. With card-linking however, you don't have to remember to do anything.

Once you've linked your cards, you can sit back and trust LUX to keep track of your points for you.

For more information on card-linking and how it works, continue reading below.

What is card-linking?

Card-linking is the technology we are now using to provide you with your LUX points. When you dine at a LUX venue with a linked debit/credit card, we will be notified and will add your points on for you.

How do I use LUX now?

1. Link Card - Register your credit/debit cards on our app (your card will never be charged).

2. Dine Out - Dine at a LUX venue and pay using the registered card to earn points.

3. Reward Yourself - Choose from over 100 luxury rewards, experiences, gifts and more to spend your points on.

Once your card is linked, LUX will be notified when you spend at a LUX venue and will add your points for you.

You can add multiple cards to your account too, meaning you don't have to worry about paying at a venue with a specific card.

How do I link my credit/debit card?

If you are looking to sign up to LUX Rewards, simply create an account and join with your email, Facebook or apple account. Once you have a LUX account, click on the 'Link a card' button on the homepage. To have full access to LUX Rewards, you will be asked to pay our one-off, lifetime membership fee. Once you have purchased your LUX membership, you can link as many cards as you like on the 'transactions' page.

Are there some cards you can't link?

LUX Rewards accepts any major card providers such as Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

How do I unlink my old card?

Head to the transactions page of the app to see a list of the cards you have linked. On the top right-hand corner of each card there is a red 'X' button, simply click it to remove your card.

Is my data safe?

Yes. At LUX, we have chosen a trusted partner, Fidel, who has the required security credentials to protect your information. We never store or see your full card details, we simply pass it on to our partner Fidel who are PCI compliant and will ensure your data is securely held and transmitted.

Additionally, LUX will only ever see the transactions your linked card makes at LUX venues. We cannot see anything else, and as we only ask for your long card number and expiry date, we will never be able to ever charge your card.


If you have any further questions regarding card-linking, please message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or email the team at

Happy dining!

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