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There are so many apps out there - which one should I download?

The market for apps is exploding. Just a year ago, Android users had a choice between 2.8 million apps and Apple users a mere 2.2 million. In the UK, we have an average of 90 apps downloaded on our phones and use about 30 apps a month!

Of course, apps have a range of benefits: They allow us to plug into our phones content and tools that we actually want to see and use. However, the choice is now so overwhelming it can be hard to know which app to download. This market is so overrun with options, users settle for nothing but the best app for them.

So what makes LUX worth the download? Well - lots.


There are thousands of apps, blogs, websites and recommendation sites that can allow you to discover new restaurants. It can be difficult to know whose opinion to trust and which restaurant to settle for.

There’s a reason LUX isn’t partnered with hundreds of restaurants: we only work with the best. A LUX restaurant has a stamp of approval of quality, good food, excellent atmosphere and friendly staff. Why settle for less?


It’s nice to get some money off for your meal - but are discounts really supporting local businesses? No.

There is plenty of evidence that shows that restaurants who are discounting their meals are devaluing their brand that they have worked so hard to create. Not only this: these customers are never coming back. With LUX, we are creating a city-wide loyalty program for independent restaurants. When you use LUX, you know that you are supporting your local businesses.


LUX is so much more than a restaurant discovery platform. We want you to be rewarded for dining in our restaurants so we give you points every time you use the app. In fact, we give you up to 7.5% of the bill back in points (as a ‘point’ of reference, AMEX and Nectar give you around 1% back from your spend).

These points can be transformed into a range of wonderful things: From wine tasting events to spa days, glasses of wine to cocktail classes, charity donations to Avios points. At LUX we have a reward for everyone.

So if you are going to be adding an app to your phone this month - make sure that it's LUX Rewards.

Download now here.

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